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CUCKOLDING - BDSM - CHASTITY - BBW - FEMDOM . . . (From Holland-ZH, with love. Welkom:-) Cuckolding might just save your marriage, or at least: spice things up !! It is save to try this at home. . . . Zij heeft al meer dan 12 jaar een lover, hij geniet daarvan, sommige vriendinnen van haar weten ervan. Het doet onze relatie alleen maar goed. Glad we moved to bdsmlr after tumblr. Our Cuckolding-blog had over 35.000 ! followers at that time. Starting all over. So please give us some time and join us again overhere. Glad to meet you again !

Ladies rule

I ❤ cuckolding  |  modern marriage  🤘

Impressive. I have to train some more I guess ....

I ❤ cuckolding  |  modern marriage  🤘

My inadequate little clit. My wife just looks at it, and starts to laugh. But don't feel pity for her, she has a lover.

I ❤ cuckolding  |  modern marriage  🤘

Come and fuck this couple too, they are owned now and will have to submit.

I ❤ cuckolding  |  modern marriage  🤘

We are married now. That means handing over the key of my chastity device. From now on, I will never ever be allowed to f*ck my wife again. Her long-term lover is the only one with that privilege.

I ❤ cuckolding  |  modern marriage  🤘

Special spot for her. 

A lifetime in chastity from now on.

This is me, in chastity.

My wife showed them our LITTLE secret ....


Reallife amateur cuckolding.

This is us. My wife, her lover and me (their cuck, humiliating himself in front of their eyes)

I ❤ cuckolding  |  modern marriage  🤘